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These people really know how to make a great baseball!

production crew - small.png
durability - single ball.png

Ten Thousand Pitches

This ball has been through our durability test of 10,000 pitches.

Lary in the booth - small.png

Lary Sorensen

Lary Sorensen is getting ready for a game and showing off the pitchLogic baseball. Lary has been with F5 Sports for over a year bringing his years of baseball experience (including 1978 All-Star!) to the company. He also does broadcast for Wake Forest Sports. Here Lary is getting ready for a home game and takes a moment to share his excitement for all things baseball!

ball in the wall.png

Brand new pitchLogic

The talented craftspeople in Production have been hard at work making the smartest baseball also one of the prettiest!

lots of pitchLogic baseballs.png

New Swag!

Andrew got us new polo shirts to wear at events and, in a few weeks, for our online store. Nice work, Andrew!

Andrew with new polo shirt - small.png

Moses in the lab.png


Moses loves being one of the F5 Sports official dogs but he doesn’t understand why he can’t chase baseballs in the lab!

Filming our Quick Start Video

Getting our first video together was an all hands on deck task. Check out a view action shots below!


Red Dot crew getting ready

We filmed the Quick Start Video at Red Dot Productions in Winston Salem. The crew at Red Dot was fantastic helping us get ready for the shoot and making it look very professional. Thanks to Michael and Davis!

Red Dot Productions crew.png
Stan reading the voice over.png

Stan Cotten

Stan is a sports broadcaster and good friend of F5 Sports. He graciously helped us by doing the voice over for the video. Thank you, Stan!


Our player is Will Rice who plays on a local high school baseball team. Will gave our video the authenticity it needed. Here he is taking a moment before the next shot

filming the video - small.png

Wait, three hands?

While filming the video we were trying different ways to show how the app and the ball and the user work together.

three hands.png

Check out the completed video on our homepage!

durablity test baseballs.png


We built a machine to evaluate the durability of our baseballs. Here are three balls that have been pitched over 10,000 times at speeds of 100+mph in our lab. They look a little beat up but otherwise they work just fine.

First look at Android.png

First Look at Android

This was the first time we had seen our app running on the Android platform. It was really exciting to see it and know we were getting close to being ready to launch our product.