Buying pitchLogic

Where can I purchase pitchLogic?

pitchLogic is available through Amazon.com, pitchLogic.com and Omega Sports.

What comes in the box?

One pitchLogic baseball, a wireless charger and a USB cable for the wireless charger.

How do I get the pitchLogic app? 

Download the app from the Apple store or Google Play (now available!). Simply search for “pitchLogic” and download the app for free.

Which devices are compatible with pitchLogic? 

The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Is there a fee for downloading the pitchLogic app?

No. The download and use of the app is free.

Are there subscription fees for using the pitchLogic app? 

No. The download and use of the pitchLogic app is free. 

Using pitchLogic

What does pitchLogic measure?

After each pitch, pitchLogic instantly delivers the following 12 metrics to your mobile device:

  1. Arm Slot

  2. Breaking Force Direction

  3. Breaking Force

  4. Backward Extension

  5. Forward Extension

  6. Speed

  7. Total Spin Rate

  8. Backspin Rate

  9. Sidespin Rate

  10. Riflespin Rate

  11. Vertical Movement

  12. Horizontal Movement

For more information about our metrics, simply press on the metric on the app display or go to our pitchLogic Metrics page.

What are the arrows at the top of the screen indicating?

The blue arrow indicates the Spin Direction and the yellow arrow indicates Arm Slot. The vertical graph (blue in the most recent version of the app) indicates the amount of aerodynamic lift that is generated by the spin and velocity of the ball in flight. This metric is in ounces of lift.


Are there any tutorials to help me understand how to use pitchLogic? 

Yes. Our website has a library of content devoted to helping you get the most out of pitchLogic (coming soon). 

What do I need to use the pitchLogic ball? 

The pitchLogic ball connects to your preferred mobile device. Download the free app from the Apple store or Google play and follow the set-up instructions.

Where can I use pitchLogic?

Use pitchLogic anywhere you want to practice and improve—not just on a baseball field or in a practice facility. Step into the back yard or any field start throwing. pitchLogic will instantly feed back a complete analysis of each pitch regardless of where you are.

Can I use pitchLogic in a game?

pitchLogic is not designed to be used in a live game setting or to be hit with a bat.

Can I hit the pitchLogic ball with a bat?

No, hitting pitchLogic with a bat may cause irreparable damage to the ball which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

How does the pitchLogic ball perform compared to a regulation baseball?

The pitchLogic baseball looks and feels just like a regulation baseball and adheres to MLB specifications for size and weight.

How do I charge my pitchLogic baseball?

  1. Match the wireless charging icon on the ball with the center of the charger.

  2. The ball is charging when the blue charging light is on steadily. If it blinks red/blue, remove the ball and place it on the charger again..

  3. The ball charges from zero charge to full battery in one hour. A full charge lasts for three hours of continuous play or ten days in sleep mode. 

How long does the pitchLogic baseball take to charge?

The ball is fully charged in one hour.

How can I tell how much battery life remains?

When the ball is connected to the app, open the menu by tapping the MENU button. At the bottom of the menu screen you will see a battery life indicator.

Can I set up more than one account?

You can set up as many accounts as you require. There is no extra charge.

Can I use more than one ball on my account?

You can use any pitchLogic baseball with your account. Note that only one ball can be connected at a time.

Is there a minimum or maximum range or speed to use the ball?

In order to get good results, the ball should be thrown at least 30 mph and at least 10 feet.

What if my ball disconnects mid pitch?

Your ball will store the most current pitch even if it disconnects from the app. Once the ball reconnects, the newest pitch will appear on the app screen.

Does my ball have the newest firmware?

The app automatically checks the firmware version each time you connect the ball. If the firmware needs to be updated the app will prompt you and start the update. If you want to check for an update, open the Menu box and select Check For Update.

Does pitchLogic save my history when I close the app? 

Yes. To store your pitches we need to have a verified email address to create your storage account. Once the account is set up you can review your pitches by swiping right to see older pitches and left to see more recent pitches. There is no charge for storage and we do not share your information with anyone without your permission.

What does pitchLogic do with my private data?

The data from your pitches is anonymized and uploaded to our cloud database. If you create an account within the app we use the verified email address to associate your pitches with your account for retrieval. We do not share your data with third parties other than vendors that are necessary for the pitchLogic system to function, such as our cloud services vendor.

How old do you need to be to use pitchLogic?

pitchLogic is designed to be used by players of any appropriate age for baseball pitching. Remember that pitching too much or with improper technique can lead to injury. If you are new to pitching, make sure you receive proper instruction. This is especially true for your players.

How experienced do you need to be to use pitchLogic?

pitchLogic is for players of all levels of play from a first-time learner to a seasoned pro.


How should I clean my pitchLogic baseball?

You should clean and maintain your pitchLogic baseball just as you would any other baseball with premium leather.


What do I do if my ball won’t charge?

Make sure the wireless charging icon is sitting directly on the center of the charger. Make sure the charger is plugged in and receiving power. The indicator light should be red if it is receiving charge and blue if the ball is charging. If the light still won’t turn blue, slowly adjust the part of the ball that is touching the charger until the light turns blue. If the charger starts to alternate blue and red it is indicating that the position of the ball needs to be adjusted on the charger. Just pick up the ball, wait for the charge indicator to turn red and replace the ball.

What do I do if the app isn’t recognizing my ball?

Make sure the ball is touching your phone. If the Connection button doesn’t turn yellow after a few seconds, then place the ball on the charger for up to an hour and try again. You may also try disabling the Bluetooth on your phone for a few seconds and then re-enabling it.

Android users: a recent change to the Android OS requires that the pitchLogic app has permissions enabled for Locations and Storage in order to connect to the ball. Look in settings/apps/pitchLogic/permissions and enable the Storage and Location permissions.

What do I do if the app won’t display results?

It is important to bring the ball to a complete stop just before you start your throwing motion. This signals to the ball that a pitch is about to begin and it also sets the “zero point” for your front and back extension measurements. Also, a pitch must be at least 30mph to register as a valid pitch. If you continue to have problems with a pitch registering, please contact us.

How can I contact customer support?

Email: Customer.Service@pitchLogic.com

Phone: 336.499.7390

Toll Free: 844.287.1470

Customer Service Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm ET 


Where is pitchLogic made?

pitchLogic is engineered and manufactured in Winston Salem, NC.