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Review the full range of metrics that are provided by pitchLogic.

Learn how to analyze your pitches with pitchLogic.

Here is a short discussion of ball flight dynamics that will help you get more value from your pitchLogic baseball. 

Learn more about one of the most important parts of the pitchLogic application.

pitchLogic has metrics that can inform your throwing motion.

This tutorial will help you understand how the spin axis controls the type of pitch.


The pitchLogic baseball and App are engineered and manufactured by F5 Sports in Winston Salem, NC.

Using break-through technology, F5 Sports put the pitching lab inside the baseball. This new technology allows pitchers at all levels to have access to information that was only available to professional pitchers, or not available to anyone. pitchLogic goes far beyond duplicating the capabilities of existing laboratories, bringing a new class metrics and insights, redefining the cutting edge of pitcher development.

Founded with the belief that technology should enhance your training without becoming a distraction, F5 Sports committed to creating a product that enables players to focus on pitching rather than our technology. The pitchLogic system performs an astonishing array of measurements with only our ball and your smart device to allow players and coaches to focus on training and winning.

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