ClockFACE and LIFT

The Clock Face Display

The pitchLogic app shows the spin direction for every pitch on the “clock face” display highlighted below. The clock face display is read as if the pitcher is looking through the display towards home plate. This display shows the Arm Slot metric, which is the angle of your arm prior to release and the Spin Direction which is described below.

Spin Direction_USE.png
Arm Slot_New_USE.png

Lift Force Display

Next to the Clock Face Display is a bar graph that indicates the amount of lift force generated by the pitch. When the baseball spins while it is moving towards home plate it generates aerodynamic lift due to the Magnus effect. In the case of a fast ball this lift is upwards and will help give the pitch a flatter trajectory that will break later. In the case of a curve ball the lift is directed downwards and causes the ball to drop towards the ground faster than movement caused by gravity alone.

Lift Force_USE2.png

pitchLogic and Spin Direction

The Spin Direction display shows the direction of the lift generated by the ball which in turn is the direction of the break. For example, a fast ball results in backspin that creates an upward breaking force.

Here is an example of the spin direction on a fastball from a right-handed pitcher:

Spin Direction_USE.png

The blue arrow on the Clock Face indicates the Spin Direction in the upwards direction. This is a typical fast ball with a flatter trajectory than other types of pitches. Notice how the Arm Slot is nearly aligned with the Spin Direction, most fast balls will have the Arm Slot and Spin Direction aligned as the pitcher releases the ball with minimal rotation of the wrist.

In the next image we see a typical right-handed curveball which is breaking down and to the left (outside for a right-handed batter). It is fundamentally different than a fastball because it uses topspin to make the ball dive much more rapidly than a fastball.

If you are throwing left-handed you will see the same type of display but the Arm Slot would appear at 10 o’clock and the Spin Direction would appear at 5 o’clock.

App Face CB Horizontal.png

As always use good judgement and follow your coach’s advice when practicing your pitching and recognize that improper technique or excessive repetition can cause injury.