Body Mechanics


Speed, spin direction and spin rate determine how your pitch moves through the air. Body mechanics create speed and spin. pitchLogic measures three critical aspects of your body mechanics: arm slot, backward extension and forward extension. 

Arm Slot

Arm slot is the angle the throwing arm takes through the pitching motion (yellow arrow). Most pitchers throw with an arm slot between one and two o’clock, or what is commonly referred to as a three-quarter arm slot. However, there are also side arm pitchers and submariner pitchers. 

Arm Slot_New_USE.png

Developing a consistent arm slot is important for several reasons. First, a consistent arm slot generally produces more reliable results. Second, if a pitcher uses different arms slots for different types of pitches, then batters can pick up on that and more easily anticipate the path of the ball. However, some advanced pitchers practice throwing their arsenal of pitches from multiple arm slots to make it even more difficult for the batter to anticipate what type of pitch is coming his way.

Backward and Forward Extension

Backward Extention_USE.png
Forward Extension_USE2.png

Backward and forward extension tell you a great deal about your pitching motion. If either metric is too small, you may be short-arming your pitches, which means you are relying too much on your arms and not enough on your legs and core. More importantly, your overall throwing motion is key to effective pitching. Work with your coach to improve your throwing motion and find the optimal extension numbers for your body mechanics.

Proper form and appropriate practice is key to a long and winning career. Always be cautious about over-practicing and improper technique that can lead to injury. Follow your coach’s advice about how to practice body mechanics safely.