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Become a better pitcher, guaranteed.

We built pitchLogic to help you become the best pitcher you can be. We give you 12 metrics after every throw so you can instantly match your muscle memory to actual data. The pitchLogic system will help you progress faster, build confidence, and win more games.

No data subscription. No monthly fees.

pitchLogic was built for your success and we stand behind that promise!

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Introducing the pitchLogic Softball!

The pitchLogic Softball is Here!

Now fast pitch players can have all of the advantages of the pitchLogic technology. Fast pitch creates the most ball movement on the planet! You need a technology that can help you understand your spin rates and spin direction, as well as pitching mechanics. Only pitchLogic has all of this in a single package!

Beyond the RADAR Gun

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Who Needs Technology?

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Everyone who wants to pitch better or coach better. Players at the highest levels are using technology to pitch better, more consistently, safely. Technology like pitchLogic gives you a deeper understanding of each pitch so your next pitch will be closer to your goal. The pitchLogic technology also makes conversations between coaches and pitchers more productive.

12 Key Performance Metrics

More than any other system!

The pitchLogic system is a leap forward in capabilities, usability and value. Our system provides a complete picture of a pitch with speed, spin rates, spin direction and, never before available, aerodynamic lift.

pitchLogic also provides brand new metrics such as arm slot, front and back extension that help you understand body mechanics.

pitchLogic also leads the pack in value. All of this capability is available without any additional fees. And, like any baseball, the leather will get worn out. Keep your investment fresh with our Leather Service that makes your pitchLogic ball brand new for a small charge. No other system makes this available.

Serious Technology Made easy.

pitchLogic packs a lot of technology into your training, enough to help any pitcher stay ahead. But pitchLogic is also easy to use. Start with the clock face display that shows you the Arm Slot and Spin Direction.

Fast Ball

This screenshot is of a fairly typical fastball. The yellow arrow is the Arm Slot that is the angle of your arm path just before release. An Arm Slot at the 1 o’clock position shown here is common for many pitches.

The blue arrow is the Spin Direction, the direction of the breaking force acting on the ball. The ideal fastball will have the Spin Direction arrow closely aligned with the Arm Slot. This means that your release was directly behind the ball for maximum speed.

Fast Ball

Fast Ball


Curve Ball

A curveball is depicted in this screenshot. The Arm Slot for this pitch has dropped a little, close to 2 o’clock, which can happen when a pitcher is getting tired.

The Spin Direction is at 7 o’clock which indicates the ball was breaking down to the left.

Just watching two arrows while you are training, perhaps with the speed metric as well, is enough to make every training session more productive. As you advance, start looking at some of the other metrics to gain a deeper insight. Maybe Rifle Spin….

Curve Ball

Curve Ball

The Buzz

Lary Sorensen

1978 MLB All-Star

“F5 Sports has come up with a product that delivers real-time data for pitchers in a user friendly manner. I have no doubt that this type of product would have been helpful to my career ‘back in the day’ and it is even more relevant to young players today who understand the science of pitching.”

Leland Maddox

former Scouting Director Pittsburgh Pirates / Cincinnati Reds

“The pitchLogic ball is a huge breakthrough for pitching and is the future of how to train pitchers.  Now, the players we’re training can see how they are progressing.  Parents need to get this for their kids.”

Michael Westmoreland

Winston Salem, NC

“My kids play ball and I umpire on the weekends. pitchLogic is the coolest new baseball product I’ve seen in a long time. I couldn’t tell the difference between it and a regulation MLB ball - smooth leather, perfect stitches, I was impressed. My kids have been using it with their pitching coach at practice and he says it is making a huge difference.”

Denny Key, Jr.

WFU ‘90, Cleveland Indians Org. ‘91 - ‘93

“Great product for young pitchers. The data you get from pitchLogic is 10x better than similar products. Arm slot, backward and forward extension and lift force… pitchLogic tracks many more critical components to getting the ball to do what you want. Check it out, it’s worth it.”

Glenn Paluch

Colorado Springs, CO

“After I heard about the pitchLogic ball and what it can do, I had to have one. In fact, I bought three of them!”

Michael Patella

business owner, Winston Salem, NC

“I had the opportunity to tour the F5 Sports facility and I was very impressed with the technology. As a local business owner I’m very excited to see such an innovative product being made right here in North Carolina.”

David Verga

“I didn’t play much baseball as a kid but I recently joined an adult rec league. My pitching was TERRIBLE, even for a rec league. I started looking for pitching training tools and came across pitchLogic. Total game changer! Getting feedback after each pitch has completely changed my pitching and I feel like I understand what I’m trying to do and that makes all the difference.”

Getting started is quick and easy



Match the wireless charging icon on the ball with the center of the charger. The ball is charging when the LED turns blue. The ball charges from zero charge to full battery in one hour. A full charge lasts for three hours of continuous play or ten days in sleep mode.


Open the app, touch the ball to your phone and press the connection button when it turns yellow. Once it is connected, the button will turn green and say “OK”.


Hold the ball completely still for one second in the “Set” position before you start the throwing motion. In this case, Set is your natural resting position the instant before you begin your pitching motion. You can establish set when you’re pitching from the wind up or the stretch position. The important part is that you hold the ball motionless for one second before you throw.

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Review the full range of metrics that are provided by pitchLogic.

Learn how to analyze your pitches with pitchLogic.

Here is a short discussion of ball flight dynamics that will help you get more value from your pitchLogic baseball. 

Learn more about one of the most important parts of the pitchLogic application.

pitchLogic has metrics that can inform your throwing motion.

This tutorial will help you understand how the spin axis controls the type of pitch.


The pitchLogic baseball and App are engineered and manufactured by F5 Sports in Winston Salem, NC.

Using break-through technology, F5 Sports put the pitching lab inside the baseball. This new technology allows pitchers at all levels to have access to information that was only available to professional pitchers, or not available to anyone. pitchLogic goes far beyond duplicating the capabilities of existing laboratories, bringing a new class metrics and insights, redefining the cutting edge of pitcher development.

Founded with the belief that technology should enhance your training without becoming a distraction, F5 Sports committed to creating a product that enables players to focus on pitching rather than our technology. The pitchLogic system performs an astonishing array of measurements with only our ball and your smart device to allow players and coaches to focus on training and winning.

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